Zach + Shawnee | Concrete, Washington

Zach and Shawnee had the sweetest intimate wedding on Shawnee's grandparent's property just north of Seattle. I was honored that Shawnee asked me to photograph this beautiful day as her recently deceased father was a very talented photographer, she felt confident that I could capture the day she wanted to remember it. The forecast had called for rain, everyone became quite damp despite the sea of umbrellas in use during the ceremony that took place beneath the trees; and it could not have been more perfect. Shawnee walked down the fern-paved isle to Arcade Fire's Wake Up played out of a 1980s boombox. We all had goosebumps and couldn't stop smile-crying in this magical moment.

The food, details, and set up were all arranged by friends and family. Most everything being hand-made or handed down gave a feeling of warmth and sentimentality that added to what the day was centered around- simply love. By far one of the coolest and deeply heartfelt weddings I've been present for.