Elissa Deline


A few of my favorite sets over the last few years


Zach + Shawnee | Concrete, WA

Zach and Shawnee had the sweetest intimate wedding on Shawnee's grandparents property just north of Seattle. Almost every detail was handmade and provider by friends and family. Everything from the treats at the reception to the borrowed retro boombox that set the mood with 'Wake up' by Arcade Fire as she walked down the fern-paved isle in the woods. The forecast called for rain, everyone became quite damp, and it was completely perfect.

Alex + Tessa

Alex and tessa met when they were 15 and 16 years old respectively. THey have such history; they have been through and stuck closer to each other through the worst of the worst and laughed brightly on days filled with coffee dates and midnight trips to the beach. They have a youthful and enduring love, it's beautiful to witness.